Inspired by the Changing Seasons of Nature

There is so much to get excited about in every season. For many of us, the mark of autumn isn’t the falling of leaves, but the taste of pumpkin spice latte from our local coffee shop. The mark of winter isn’t the falling of snow, but the taste of apple cider, warm bubble baths, and a cozy fire-roaring atmosphere created with candles that smell so much like pine that when you close your eyes you actually visualize snow covered woods. Similarly, summer is often marked by a changed beauty regime, tropical scents reminiscent of the beach, and a brightened spirit in the home. It’s a phenomenon that’s difficult to explain, but even before you notice the seasons changing, you often find yourself feeling and craving something. This is what inspired the creation of SeasonsBox, a discovery platform for seasonal must-haves for your home, body, and spirit.

Inspired by nature, we strive to feature environmentally conscious products that celebrate the earth’s changing seasons. We test and re-test each product and work with expert curators around the world to ensure that our box is thoughtfully constructed, and that each product meets our highest quality standards.

We strive to introduce you to environmentally conscious products that meet our highest quality standards and that will stimulate your senses.